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Welcome to the www.ppo.sk Internet portal, a platform that provides for an effective and fast contact between buyers and sellers of goods and services. PPO, s.r.o., a company that has been focusing on the management and restructuring of corporate processes since 1995, operates the portal.

A continuous pressure to lower costs and at the same time to maintain or to increase quality of purchased goods and services, forces each manager to continually look for new potential business partners. Despite the fact that many business relationships lasts many years and your supplier is reliable, the speed, with which your competitors are developing, together with continuous growth and widening of the offer on the market, will sooner or later lead you to a decision to compare offers of other suppliers with your present conditions. Realization of your decision through the www.ppo.sk portal will enable you not only to achieve optimum parameters of your purchases, but also to save significant amount of your time.

The portal`s support during optimalization of your purchasing activities does not stop by providing the platform itself. That is only the beginning! Each of your actions, during their duration, will be activelly suported by administrator, beginning with the assistance at the time when you enter the initial information and parameters of your action, through identification and recommendation of possible suppliers, to the administration of your action during the whole period of its duration.

If you want to sell goods or services and you expect that there will be a bigger interest (e.g. sale of a real estate property, securities, works of art, etc.) or when it is necessary, based on your company rules, to realize the sale in a form of a tender, you can make use of the sale module of the portal.

If you wish, we can assume the overall organization of complete business cases, or we can provide you with additional services related to your purchasing activities.

Are you a manufacturer or a seller of goods and services? You have an opportunity to participate in bidding processes that are realized on the www.ppo.sk portal. In addition to a chance to find a correct buyer outside the framework of your present customers, you will be, by participating in individual actions, in a constant contact with competitors. Quality and price competitiveness of your products or services together with your reliability will bring you, as a user of the www.ppo.sk portal, significantly higher sales without being forced to spend additional funds on marketing and promotion.

Do you find the contents of the portal interesting? If yes, please read the documents that constitute a part of the registration process (Data Protection, GCC, and Pricelist) and register with the portal. Registration together with the use of the portal`s basic service package are free of charge!